Multimedia Podiums / E-Lecterns

SoftLogic’s multimedia podium, also popularly known as e-lectern is very useful teaching/ presentation

tool which enables teachers/ presenters to deliver quality content by keeping all technology at finger tips.


Multimedia lectern provides working platform for computer-aided lectures/ presentations. It has space to

store CPU, laptop, projector, visualizer, microphone and sound system with lockable doors. This smart,

digital podium is an ideal solution for anyone who needs audio visual equipments in their lectures,

presentations, speeches regularly.

Product Overview

  • Available in durable, high quality steel frame
  • Built-in LED interactive touch panel; with interactive whiteboard software
  • Ability to record audio & written content in real-time
  • In-built audio system with digital surround Bosch quality speakers and amplifier
  • Lockable doors and shelf for keyboard, mouse, laptop, CPU, documents, visualizer
  • High-quality castor wheels for smooth mobility
  • Audio in-out to facilitate any external audio source. Audio control switch to control volume
  • Video input to facilitate any external video source for presentation
  • In-built USB, RGB, LAN, AC power ports
  • In-built fan for cooling during long hours of operation

How our Digital Podium is different and best in quality?

  • Made in India product; hence excellent product quality & service support
  • LED touch interactive screen with IPS panel
  • Bosch amplifier & speakers
  • Top-mounted audio controls
  • Advanced security mechanism for each podium compartment
  • Ability to connect with multiple display options including projector screens, interactive whiteboard, LED displays