Smart Classroom Solution

SoftLogic’s smart, digital classroom solution is a technology-leveraged teaching-learning system wherein

the teacher is empowered to teach interactively and student is inspired to learn with a quest for excellence.

Our Smart Classroom solution is based on interactive, rich multimedia content-enabled education system
which illuminates abstract & difficult concepts with crystal clarity. It bridges the learning gaps
between teacher & students and helps them realize their true potential.

This digital Classroom solution uses in-built content bank comprising of
2D-3D images and multimedia

content of almost all subjects which makes the learning process more interactive, student-centered

& enjoyable. It completely replaces traditional teaching system of blackboard & chalk in the most

economical way.


Product Overview

  • Made-in India, optical finger- touch nano-technology
  • Dynamic interaction with students for creative, participative learning environment
  • Smart learning with 360 degree understanding of subject using in-built multimedia content bank
  • Scratch proof, fire proof, water proof board surface designed of coated metalic frame
  • Record whatever written on smart board in pdf, video formats; with feature to add voice to video sessions
  • Image library of more than 12000 images of subjects such as Physics, Biology, Maths, Chemistry
  • Very useful for schools, colleges, university, coaching classes, govt. & corporate training programs

Minimum Equipment


Optional Accessories