Visualizers, also popularly known as visual presenter or document camera; are real-time image capture

devices for displaying an object to a large audience. A visualizer is able to magnify and project the images

of actual, three-dimensional objects, as well as transparencies.

Where you can use Visualizer?

  • Classroom / Lecture hall
  • Presentation of objects/ materials in meetings, conferences, trainings
  • Various medical applications such as telemedicine, telepathology, display of X-rays
  • Use with interactive whiteboard
  • Use with Smart Classroom Solution

How to use Visualizer in Classroom?

  • To project image, object, book's pages onto wide screen in magnified size
  • Demonstration to students on how to do assigned work
  • Zoom-in on reading texts and point-out certain topics/ words
  • Zoom-in on objects for detailed observation by class of students
  • Displaying student's work to whole classrrom