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OMR Software

SoftLogic's OMR software is very easy to use OMR sheet processing software offering the advantages of speed, accuracy & flexibility. Our OMR software is based on artificial-intelligence image processing technology.


  • SoftLogic's OMR answer sheet checker software is ideally useful for evaluation of OMR based MCQ (multiple choice questions) type exams.
  • OMR answer sheet checker software is mostly used by educational institutes, HR firms and government recruitment agencies for evaluation of objective type exams.
  • Our OMR software is very useful for evaluation of entrance exams such as NEET, IIT-JEE, AIEEE, MHT-CET, MH-CET, MH-MBA-CET, MH-MBA-CET,MH-MCA-CET, Karnataka CET, Gujarat CET, Tamilnadu CET, Kerala CET, Andhra Pradesh CET, Bank recruitment exams, NET SET exams, UGC exams, CA-CPT exams, railway recruitment exams, service selection board exams, state board exams etc.
  • OMR results/ reports can be exported in MS-excel, PDF, format.
  • OMR reports available as subject-wise, class-wise, category-wise, rank-wise, candidate report card, graphical progress analysis.
  • Multiple sets of question paper can be evaluated easily through single window.
  • Negative marking, bonus marking, decimal marking supported by our OMR software.

How OMR software works?




Features of OMR software:

  • Software is very user-friendly & can be used on any computer installed with Windows operating system.
  • Unlike other softwares in market, there is no need purchase specific, pre-printed OMR sheets from us or other vendors.
  • Our OMR software has in-built utility to create & design OMR sheets on your own which can be later printed on any printer of your choice.
  • OMR sheets need not to be printed on special paper with special ink. Single color, two-color OMR sheets can be used. Even laser prints & photo-copies (Xerox) can be used as OMR sheets in our software.
  • Our OMR Software has 100% accuracy for OMR sheet processing.
  • This OMR software speedily processes OMR sheets. Processing of 500 OMR sheets is completed just within 10 minutes.
  • Any document scanner can be used for scanning of OMR sheets. There is no need to purchase high-cost OMR scanners. Scanned images are to be saved on computer which are then processed by our OMR software.
  • SoftLogic's OMR software is very easy to maintain & can be customized as per customer's needs.
  • Our OMR software is backed by centralized strong technical support team.