Interactive Teaching Pad/ Tablet

SoftLogic’s Smart Wireless teaching pad is like a portable interactive whiteboard that gives teacher

an ease of delivering lessons while sitting at one place or moving around the classroom.

Interactive teaching pad is also widely known as wireless teaching slate or pen touch display; which has

become very much popular equipment in teacher community for its much useful usage in digital

classrooms, distance learning sessions, e-learning lectures.


This wireless slate can be integrated with computer or laptop. With the help of this interactive teaching

tablet; a teacher can write remotely on interactive whiteboards, LED displays, projector screens etc.

Typically, a teacher can write down a problem using this slate and just pass it on to student to solve the

problem without having student to stand up in front of the class.


Interactive teaching pad opens new possibilities of interaction inside classrooms and also increases

students particiaption to greater extent.

Interactive Teaching Pad Demo Video