Biometric Fingerprint Attendance System

The most important compliance requirement at work place / educational institute is to capture
the correct attendance of its associates. Manual recording of attendance is a tedious & time -consuming
task which affects organizational productivity.Automated time attendance systems are the best
alternatives to paper-based manual attendance recording.

Softlogic’s fingerprint attendance system is based on biometric fingerprint detection technology. In this
system, attendance of associate is recorded by unique identification of fingerprint. System records the
date & time for each associate. This data can be stored on computer / web server through attendance
management software.


  • High-speed, reliable finger-print matching for more than 3000 users
  • Storage of more than 1,00,000 transactions
  • Enabled with professionally developed attendance Software
  • High-definition LCD Display device with USB mode for data download
  • Daily / Monthly / Yearly attendance reports in Excel / PDF format
  • Ability to recognize oily / wet finger surface
  • Ability to connect multiple attendance systems in LAN
  • More secured than RFID systems as there is no chance of Proxy punching

Who can use this ?

  • Educational Institutes
  • Factory / Plant / Construction Company
  • Retail Shops
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels

Attendance Management Software:

Software provides following comprehensive MIS reports:

  • Informative Dashboard with graphical analysis
  • Department-wise reports
  • Shift-wise reports
  • Daily attendance reports
  • Monthly reports
  • Yearly reports